Watering Is Key

Watering a tree or plant at garden, nature fresh

The single most important factor in the success of your flowers or new landscape is watering.  New tree and shrub establishment takes up to two full growing seasons and your flowers in containers will need water regularly.  If you miss just a few watering cycles all your efforts could be wasted. I want to offer you some insight on what type of watering your plants will need.

Hanging baskets, annual planters and potted flowers all need watering almost daily.  The rain will never be enough for these darlings of the summer. I find it best to water early in the morning, whenever the soil on a particular container starts to dry out.  Each type of plant, and its location in sun or shade may need different treatment. When you water give enough each time to totally saturate the pot, if it becomes really dry repeat in a few minutes.  Fertilization is equally important for these plants. Probably the easiest way for most people is using fertilizer stakes. They can be inserted when you first bring home your plant and re-inserted after 8 weeks.  Some people feed weekly with a strong solution, and other people feed constantly using a hose end proportioner. All methods work.

For your landscape plants, it is important to remember that it takes at least two full years before it may be considered established.  For newly installed plants you will need to water every day or at least every other day for the first two to four weeks. Anytime the soil is dry to the depth of 1” it’s time for a deep watering cycle.  One of the most difficult parts is getting enough water on a plant due to run off if the plant is a little high. When I plant, I leave a ring of soil around the plant to form a basin to enable me to deep water.  I fill the basin 2-3 times and let the water percolate into the root ball. At the end of the first growing season, or whenever I mulch again, I level out the basin and mulch over the top. Another easy answer to this is a soaker hose.  When you are done with your planting project, snake the permeable hose through the beds trying to get within 10” of each plant. Then you can apply mulch right over the top of the hose to hide it, and conserve water. Soaker hoses should be let run for extended periods, like overnight or all day.  Just crack the valve open on your spigot a little bit, they work well at low flow volume rates. This is a very efficient way to conserve both time and water. Run it every other day right after planting and once or twice a week until your plants are fully established. After that, you can leave it in place and use it during hot dry periods in the summer to keep your plants thriving.

Remember water is the most essential thing your plants will need to give you plenty of enjoyment.  If you would like to get more info please stop by and we’d love to chat with you so that you can be more successful than ever.