Veggie Garden Tips


Want to start a veggie garden? Here are some tips and tricks for veggie garden success!

First things first. Location, Location, Location!

You will need to create your garden in a warm sunny spot that gets at least six hours of direct light. Don’t overwhelm yourself, start with a small area that you can take on.

2. Good soil is a must for success.Test it and see what exactly you are working with. Enrich it with compost and fish emulsions.

3. Know your ZONE! (Salem CT is Zone 6)

Knowing your zone will allow you to know what will do well in your climate. It will also determine when you can safely plant each veggie through the season.

4. Attract Pollinators

Borage is a favorite among honeybees and the leaves are great for salad greens.

Honeybees also like peppers, squash, cucumbers and pumpkins!

5. Weed Regularly

Most importantly plant what you like to eat!

Have more questions or want to learn more? Come on out and see us for more great tips to get your garden growing. Ask about our Veggie Garden Success Kit, it will help make your garden great this year!

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