What You Need To Know About Mulch


Question: What are the different types of Mulch?

Todd: We carry Hardwood, Cedar, Hemlock, Dark Pine, Forest Blend, and Wood Chips.


Question: Why should I use one type of mulch over the other?

Todd: Mostly the differences are aesthetic, based on which color you prefer.  Except wood chips and forest blend they are all mostly bark products, whereas wood chips and forest blend are mostly wood


Question: Why should I use mulch to help my landscape?

Todd: Mulch keeps the weeds down, prevents moisture loss from the soil and shows off the plants really well.


Question: Why should we use certain mulch close to the house verses further away?

Todd: Generally, stay away from mulches that are primarily wood near your house, they can attract wood eating insects, which can be problematic for your home.  They also tend to steal fertilizer (nitrogen) from the soil as they decompose.  Furthermore, most colored (dyed) mulches like the red ones, are mostly wood ground up and colored to look like bark and can be problematic in the same way wood chips are.  Keep wood chips and wood mulches away from your house. They are ok for beds not connected to your house.


Question: What is the best process for transitioning mulch from one color to another?

Todd: Just be sure to use at least 3″ so that the old color does not easily show through if the mulch is disturbed.


Question: Do you need to buy mulch every year or can you turn it over and skip a year?

Todd: As mulch is always decomposing, new mulch should really be applied each year to keep weeds down and color fresh and attractive.  It only takes a skim coat of 1-2″ if staying with the same color.


Question: Is it safe for pets?

Todd: All of our mulches should be safe for pets and kids, they are natural products that contain no chemicals or harmful ingredients. Of course, pets and kids should never ingest it for chocking and other reasons.

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