Growing an Indoor Herb Garden

herbsIf you love cooking with herbs and want to bring a taste of spring into your home before the weather outside is cooperating, starting an indoor herb garden is the way to go!  Unlike when you plant your herbs outside, when in your house herbs prefer to live in their own container rather than being potted up together. This practice also allows you to tend to each herbs individual needs for light and water.

Containers with good drainage are key to keeping herbs healthy. Select a potting mix rather than a potting soil when planting herbs in the house because mixes promote better drainage. A good, seaweed based fertilizer can boost the health and heartiness of your indoor herb garden.  We carry Neptune’s Harvest at Burnett’s and many of our customers have told us that even though it can be a little stinky, it has helped their indoor herbs (and houseplants) thrive! Herbs like sunlight, so find a nice sunny spot for your herbs. Don’t crowd them, they need some breathing room.  Give them a slow watering 2-3 times per week. Enjoy!