Caring For Your Flowering Hanging Basket


Flowering hanging baskets have become a symbol of warm weather. Nearly every house in every neighborhood is adorned with overflowing blooms suspended in the air, as surely as there is a mailbox. Time, energy, and money are spent choosing the perfect hanging baskets for your home, so learning to maintain them to keep them looking beautiful is important.

Here are some tips to help you this season.

-In a very short period of time, the pot of your hanging basket will have more roots than soil. The bigger the basket, the easier time you will have maintaining it. Watering is the most important part of caring for your hanging basket. You don’t want them to be consistently sopping wet, nor do you want them to wilt flat to the pot before giving it a drink.

-In early spring, your basket can go longer between waterings, simply because the plants are young with smaller root systems and the days are cooler. But as the days become hotter, you will be watering more frequently, eventually every day the sun is shining.

-Learn to feel the weight of your hanging basket by gently lifting up the bottom of the pot. A heavier pot may not need watering that day, and make note of how much lighter if feels as it dries out.

-Another way to know when to water, is when the soil surface feels dry to the touch.

-When you water, water thoroughly until the water comes flowing out of the bottom. If this happens immediately, it means the pot was really dry, repeat the process again after several minutes.

-Remember, your basket is packed full of plants, so fertilizer is JUST as important as water to keep them looking healthy. We recommend a time-release fertilizer like Jobe Potting Plants and Hanging Basket Spikes. For 10” and 12” baskets, place 2 spikes on the outskirts of the pot every 8 weeks. 14” cone baskets get 3 spikes.

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