Leaves are Falling, But Garden On….


Barberry ‘Crimson’

Just because the leaves are falling off the trees and the night time temperatures dip a little low, doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy being outside in the garden. Now is a fantastic time to add to your gardens and landscape and take advantage of the end-of-season savings. Here are some gorgeous pics of top quality plants you can still buy at Burnett’s.


Beautiful gold color you can enjoy year round with Chamaecyparis ‘Vintage Gold’.


Autumn is a great time to add interesting color to the dull areas of your landscape. Consider some evergreens that you can enjoy even in the winter months. Evergreens actually come in a rainbow of different colors!


Juniper ‘Blue Star’ is true to it’s blue name. Great blue-sliver color.



Juniper ‘Hetzii’ is a columnar evergreen with beautiful little cones.



Want REALLY great fall color? Look at this Rainbow Leucothoe!



Picea ‘Baby Blue’ is as cute as can be. It’ll also provide shelter for the birds in winter.



Pieris ‘Avalanche’, or more commonly known as Andromeda, a spring bloomer and shade lover.



Rhododendron ‘Checkmate’ is an April/May bloomer, but is also showy and beautiful with mahogany foliage in fall and winter.



Variegated Dwarf Cypress is one I’ve been eyeing all season….a winner!


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