Farewell Summer Annuals…

DSC_0234I have a hard time saying goodbye to summer…the deep blue skies, bare feet on grass, the abundance of blooming plants…

Believe it or not, the plant that I have the hardest time letting go of, isn’t know for its blooms at all. Coleus. If you planted coleus this year, you know how beautiful and HUGE they are by seasons end. Even right now with the cold nights we’ve had, coleus just seems to shine it’s jewel toned foliage.

Why not let a little summer live on a little longer by filling vases with coleus cuttings? They are a great cut ‘flower’, sending out little roots, making them last a long time. But don’t delay in bringing those cuttings in! Really COLD nights are coming quickly and the tender plants of summer will soon be a beautiful memory…making room for some fall mums.

Enjoy your day!


Heather Thibeault is a life long gardener, plant collector, and Burnett’s employee.


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