Is Fall Really a Good Time to Plant?

One of the most common questions we get this time of year is, “Is it safe to plant in the fall?”. FALL IS FOR PLANTING has long been the Burnett mantra since the days of the little wood shed on route 85 in Salem that displayed hand painted signs shouting this good news.

Good news? No, GREAT news! Not only have we begun to wrap up the season with big savings on top quality plants, but the air is crisp and cool while the ground is still nice and warm, making perfect conditions for good root development. No top growth will occur this time of year, but your plant’s roots will continue to grow right up until the ground freezes, ensuring that you will enjoy your new plant for years to come.

Plants also visibly seem to appreciate Fall’s cooler temperatures. They are less stressed, and so is the gardener that can enjoy working outdoors without being scorched by the sun.

Rain is usually more plentiful in the Fall too, making daily maintenance of newly planted trees, shrubs, and perennials, much easier.  Still, water is part of the insurance policy of your new planting and if we get less than an inch a week, keep your hose handy. Another tool we recommend to ensure the life of your plants is Biotone from Espoma. It is a low nitrogen starter fertilizer that helps produce more and stronger roots. It’s what you don’t see under the soil line that directly impacts the part you enjoy seeing above the soil line.

When planting broadleaf evergreens, it’s a good idea to also use an anti-desiccant spray like EcoLogic Moisture-In. This will help protect your plant from Winter Burn. Extreme temps will soon be on their way, and an anti-desiccant spray will keep those leaves from losing moisture and turning brown. In fact, this kind of treatment is good for even established broadleafs.rhodie

Fall IS for Planting! Enjoy the beautiful weather and plant something! Oh, and if you’re going to plant perennials this fall, why not side plant some spring daffodil bulbs in every hole you dig? You’ll thank yourself next spring.

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