Express Your Autumnal Self!

DSC_0094Your home is your happy place, right? Your refuge from the world, the place that you can truly call your own. Making it reflect you and who you are is what makes it yours. Changing things seasonally will not only allow you to express yourself, but it’s also about making you smile whenever you see what you’ve created. DSC_0104And making you smile as you approach your home after a long day at work because the MOST beautiful mum (ever) is gracing your doorstep is where we come in…DSC_0092Let your inner artist choose the pallet for your Fall decor; cornstalks, mini and full sized hay bales, ornamental corn, pumpkins, gourds, and Fall plants have filled up our greenhouses! Come and have some fun family time at our Fall Festival, and leave with a cartful of happiness. 


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