Fall(en) Leaves


Driving to the garden center yesterday morning, my eyes noted the presence of leaves on the roadside of route 82, flying into the air as oncoming cars zipped by. My brain (still sleepy and waiting for the coffee to kick in), sighed ‘fall is here’. Yessss…but not the reason the leaves are falling. Sorry to say this dry weather may affect our fall display of colors if we don’t get some much needed rain soon. Look at THIS chart to see how little rain the hottest month of the year gave our gardens. We encourage you to protect the plants you’ve invested in, especially the ones you’ve planted this year. They need to be watered, and not just the kind of water that prevents wilt or just enough to keep them alive, but BIG and thorough drinks every time you water. You loved it when you bought it, continue with the love….questions on watering? Give us a call. We’re happy to help. THIS article will help too.

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