The garden is a lot like a Broadway play. The lead role is given to annual plants. They bloom non- stop from the start of warm weather season, to the end. Showy. That’s their role and they do it well. 

The supporting role is given to perennial plants. Their bloom time is specific, and they take turns having the spotlight on them. They are dependable, breaking the ground every spring, waiting for their moment to shine. ‘Filling in’ the garden, giving an established look, and providing changeable bloomers, are what these supporting actresses do best.

We wait with anticipation for our favorites to take center stage. How much longer until the lavender plants show their spikes? Eagerly we watch for the first formed buds on the echinacea. Perennial plants provide interest, surprise, and conversation in the garden. 

How is the ‘stage’ in your garden? Is there always something in bloom? Our talented staff will help make it easy for you to keep a perennial garden blooming. Whatever is in flowering season, gets center stage on our end caps, and some even have a special offer (Dianthus B2G1 free through June 4, 2014). Keep an eye on facebook to see What’s Blooming Now to keep your garden blooming all season!


See you in the greenhouse!

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