Fertilizer: Time to Get it Done!

I’ve got a confession to make…are you ready? Wait for it…

I’m bad at fertilizing my plants.

There I said it.

It’s not that I don’t know I should fertilize my plants, because I do. It’s just that I get so wrapped up with other garden chores this time of year, and it just slips my mind. My head is planning and plotting; big ideas of constant succession of bloom in the perennial border, endless color in my window boxes, and apples the size of softballs. Envisioning my little piece of paradise, and making it my reality, would become ever so much easier if I would stop thinking above the soil line.

That’s right. Focus on the soil instead of the end results (ohhh, vases full of oriental lilies, peonies, and dahilias!) The bottom line? Soil becomes depleted of valuable food for plants as time goes by. It’s up to us to replenish nutrients by amending the soil. Amending the soil means;  putting back what should be there, and then some! Amended soil = better success from your investment in plants!


Fertilize now, for more of these later!

Now, this is not to say that I NEVER fertilize. I just remember it a little later in the season, when things might not be going according to –ahem- plan.

There are MANY different fertilizers available, organic and conventional. Here are some of my favorites used in my personal garden:

Organic Plant Magic

It’s a little bag, but man! I’m still using the same bag I bought last year! Organic Plant Magic is an all purpose organic fertilizer formulated to provide every macro, micro and trace element that plants really do need to grow their best. It also helps to improve you soil with beneficial bacteria. Think of it like a probiotic for your soil, which in turn makes happy, healthy plants! Oh, and you can apply it with a watering  can and also in a sprayer, for foliar feed.


Chickity Doo Doo

The name pretty much says what it is. And most people know, if you want a beautiful garden, chicky doo is the thing that will doo it. Fortunately, we live in a great time that you don’t necessarily have to go out and get your own flock for chicky doo. It comes in a bag, and is a great fertilizer to get going now with.


Chickity Doo Doo comes in a bag…or you can get a bunch of these!

Black Gold Garden Compost Blend

Making your OWN garden compost is definitely something you should give a try if you haven’t already. However, one never seems to have enough compost. Love, love, love this Black Gold brand compost. It’s made from peat moss and aged compost and helps  improve soil moisture retention, aeration and drainage. Keep a bag on hand and everytime you plant something new this year, add some of this compost to give your plant a good start. Top dressing as the season goes is a good idea too.

Fertilize! I’m on it! How about you? Nurture your investment by picking up some fertilizer this weekend, and LET’S GET GROWING!

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