Beautiful Begonias


Tuberous Begonias or “Nonstop’ Begonias

Tuberous, Rex, Angel Wing, Wax….the family of Begonias is absolutely huge.

For me, Begonias are a lot like potato chips. One can never be enough. And two? One must have odd numbers to satisfy the eye.

It’s the Rex family that really gets me. Love? Yes. And what’s not to love? Different textures, shapes and colors grace easy to care for, shade tolerant plants. And when the season is over, simply move them indoors and keep them as a houseplant.




With the Impatiens blight affecting us right now, it’s great to have begonias as a colorful option for shade container gardens, or they can look equally fantastic in a hanging basket.

Now through June 19th, 2013, all Begonia hanging baskets are Buy 1 – Get 1 Free. Want to create your own exciting container garden by mixing in some coleus, torenia, caladium, and variegated ivy? There are multiple plants in the hanging baskets and they’re easy to divide.


Check out our Pinterest page for some great begonia pics.

Plant, Bloom, Smile!

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