These Roses Are A Knock Out!


My grandfather was  a ‘rose guy’. While he had no formal horticultural training, he knew all the roses of his day personally by name.  We would be driving down the back roads of Quaker Hill, and he’d point out a fantastic Mr. Lincoln in one yard, and a gorgeous specimen of Double Delight in another.  He’d spend hours in his rose garden learning his roses; what they liked and what they didn’t.

Sometimes I smile and wonder what he’d think about all the latest roses on the market. I think he’d be thrilled and would need a bigger rose garden! While the old varieties are cherished and wonderful, the newer roses  are much more carefree and great for beginners. You don’t have to be a ‘rose guy’ or ‘gal’ to grow and enjoy roses.

For roses that are carefree, disease resistant, and bloom from spring to fall, Knock Out Roses can’t be beat.

Come on in and smell the Knock Out Roses! And don’t forget to take a whiff of Mr. Lincoln, Double Delight, the David Austin Roses….June at BCG is like a walk in a rose garden.



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