Columbine (Aquilegia)


If Columbine weren’t an actual plant, I think they’d deserve fairy tale status. They remind me of the kind of flowers that little storybook fairies could turn upside down and use for hats. This elegant early blooming perennial, is a great addition to any perennial garden or rock garden. Blooming prolifically in late spring to early summer, seed pods then form and drop, with the promise of many more Columbine for each new season to come. While this is an attractive thought for some; feel free to dead-head your Columbines as well to keep control of your colors and varieties.

Columbines are not just a dainty little flower. Once established, they are quite drought tolerant. Butterflies and hummingbirds find them very attractive, and according to many lists, deer do not, (although I’m sure there are deer out there that haven’t seen any of these lists).

Very easy to grow, Columbine do well when planted in sun to a part sun area.

Available in a rainbow of colors – how can you choose just one?








Plant – Bloom – Smile!

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