Container Gardening

Container Gardening is all the rage right now. Why? Maybe it’s because of all the hot new annuals that even seasoned gardeners have never seen the likes of. Or perhaps is because container gardening lets you put color and blooms right where you want them. Nonetheless, anyone can garden in a container whether you’re an apartment dweller or livin’ it up on several acres. Container gardening doesn’t even necessarily have to be done in an ‘garden center approved’ container. If it’s empty and will hold dirt, plant it up!

Anyone can just put a plant in a pot.

But with just a little more thought and know-how, a planted container can be work of art…a focal point for the garden that will thrive and bloom the whole season long.

Consider this before planting a container….

  • Light Exposure. How many hours of sun will your container get?
  • The Container. How many plants will it hold and does it have adequate drainage?

Source. Sometimes it’s nice to ‘think outside the pot’.

  • Soil. A good container mix will make-or-break your success. Unfortunately for many, it’s an after thought.
  • Color Selection. Elegantly monochromatic or jazzy and contrasting? What’s your preference?

Source. These bright colors are striking!

  • Foliage. Leaves can be just as exciting as the flowers. Look for different shaped and textured leaves to bring excitement to your container.

Source. This awesome combo would be made in the shade!

Check out our Pinterest page for some drool-worthy container combinations ideas. The internet is such a gift of creativity allowing even beginner gardeners to ‘bloom’ spectacularly. Whether you get your perfect plant combos from the web, your imagination, or from your neighbor; remember that our expert staff is always happy to help put together a masterpiece. This weekend, (May 18 and 19), we’ll be celebrating the season with a B.Y.O.C. event! Bring Your Own Containers in and we’ll help you select just the right plants. Use our soil and your hands, and bring home your own show stopping container garden.

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