Spring ‘To Do’ Lists


As I am writing this newsletter at my desk, the sun is shining, and the windows are open. The smell of spring air fills the office – ahhh – this is what we’ve been waiting for. Just to make sure we’re not getting fooled again, I check the 10-day forecast at weather.com. Looks like the coast is clear and we can finally declare the arrival of spring! I think at this point, we’ve earned it.


Apple blossoms getting ready to pop!

If you’re anything like me, thoughts of spring chores start to fill your head. Lists. Lists of things that need to be done, purchased, or planned for. With the calendar noting that it’s the last day  of April, and this being our first run of real spring weather, it’s time to kick it in high gear for spring clean up. Some of you may have already gotten out there this past weekend, or you did a great job of putting your garden to bed last year. If that’s the case,  congratulations, you’re a step ahead of most of us!

And the rest of us? Where do we start? Here is a quick little list to get you started.

– Remove leaves and winter debris from all your garden beds.
– Remove dead portions of perennials and old annuals from last year. Compost them.
– Cut perennial grasses to the ground now before the new growth gets too tall.
– Top dress garden beds with new mulch.
– Rake and re-seed dead spots in your lawn.
– Prune dead and damaged branches from your trees and shrubs. Be sure to NOT prune hydrangeas (even if they look dead still) as they bloom on last year’s growth.
– Empty last year’s window boxes and containers, get them ready for planting by filling them with new soil.

Just these few things will get your yard and garden off to a great start.


Showy grape vines.

Plant – Bloom – Smile!


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