Spring Flowering Bulbs: Tulips


There are so many markers of spring, but none so graceful as the tulip. Have you ever noticed how often home magazines photograph huge vases of tulips on beautiful table settings? There is just something about them that says elegance. Now-a-days you can get cut tulips just about year round at florists to grace your table. But even better – why not buy potted ones to plant in your yard after you’ve enjoyed them on your table?


Did you know that the tulip belongs to the same family as lilies? They are also relatives of the family that includes onions.  Tulips require vernalization in order to bloom. That means that they require prolonged cool temperatures in order to bloom. Tulips are a great reason to withstand cold New England winters!


At BCG, we’ve got lots of tulips to choose from right now! After making your selection, stop by our custom foiling station to pick out foil to ‘pretty’ up the pot for your Easter table. Enjoy your tulips as long as you’d like indoors, watering as necessary to keep them from getting dry. Tulips will ‘blow out’, or open fully to the point of going by, very quickly in normal indoor temperatures. Enjoy them while they’re blooming and then plant them outside in your garden.


A common question we get asked is, “When can I cut the stalks of my tulips to the ground?”. The answer is: patience. Be patient and let the stalks yellow completely before you cut them back. This natural die back takes the energy into the bulb to provide beautiful blooms for next year.

Plant potted tulips now, or plant tulip bulbs directly in your garden in the fall.

Plant – Bloom – Smile.

The BCG Staff


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